Introduction: What is APachs?

A means to create highly accurate and photorealistic 3D models for creative, cultural and archival purposes

The Project

The project aims to use human-centred design methods to help make photogrammetry – and 360 photography – more accessible to those in various roles in the arts, education, cultural heritage and the creative industries.

The Background

Cyreal has developed a novel integrated system for fast, efficient, reliable and high-quality digital capture of objects, artefacts and garments, including historical and new creative works of all kinds. The system is designed to be portable and comprises various multi-camera rigs with integrated automatic turntables, lighting and backgrounds, featuring user-friendly software and effective post-capture processing. There is the potential for these to become some of the most accessible, cost effective and efficient systems available with applications across many industries and contexts.

What Does it Involve?

As part of the project, we are running a related series of hands-on user-testing; interviews; discussion workshops and prototyping sessions to explore the use and future potential of this technology. The partners are working with innovation experts Golant Media Ventures to undertake human centred design research in a range of related contexts and across different levels of user experience and expertise, and we would very much like to invite you to take part in one or more of these.

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